• Frequently Asked Questions

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    What should I wear to my first class or private lesson?

    Dancing does require movement, so make sure you're comfortable. That being said, this is not ballet or aerobics. No need for tutus, workout clothes, or spandex. Probably what you happen to have on will be fine. Classes are pretty casual. (We dress up for social parties.)

    What type of shoes will I need?

    Your footwear is a bit more important. You will need a comfortable shoe that will not fall off your foot while you are dancing. No clogs, slides, or flip flops. For ladies wearing sandals, make sure there is a strap across your heel to keep your foot from sliding inside the shoe. We recommend a flat or low heel...a high heel can make things more difficult in the early stages. For the men, any type of loafer should do. Traction is an issue to think about. A shoe that is too slippery or too grippy can hinder your ability to stop and turn. If in doubt, bring a couple different shoes to your first class or lesson. We do not recommend dancing barefoot or in socks as splinters from the wood floor are a reality. Down the road you may want to purchase dance shoes. They are shoes that are designed for dancing. We do sell these at the studio in our boutique.

    How many classes or lessons will I need?

    How many lessons or classes you will need to take is dependent upon a lot of factors. Many of our students already know how to dance. They continue to take lessons long after they are considered good dancers. They simply love learning more or they see their lesson time as "date night" or a mid-week escape from the office. But typically you can expect to be out dancing to a variety of music styles and tempos in a few weeks or months. Our Fun-damentals class takes you through 8 dance styles in 2 months. If you are taking private lessons in addition to group classes, you can expect to cover the same material in a few weeks. However, you will be having fun and making friends on Day 1.

    Is it okay that I don't have a partner?

    Absolutely! Many of our dancers come and take classes and lessons without a partner. In a private lesson, this allows you to dance with the professional instructor and concentrate on you. When a couple learns together, the instructor must spit his/her focus between the two students. In our group classes, we encourage all our students to rotate so that everyone gets a chance to dance. We believe a lot of benefit comes from the opportunity to dance with many different partners. We do occasionally get requests to not rotate and change partners and we do not make anyone rotate when they don't want to. 

    What if I'd like to form a small group class for just my friends?

    We can sometimes accommodate small groups of people to learn together in a private group class setting. Price is based on availability of the room, time of day, instructor, etc. You can expect to pay a little more than for our other public group classes. Call or email us and we can talk about the details and see if we can make that happen for you.

    How old (or young) do I need to be?

    Ballroom dancing can be a lifelong hobby that you can enjoy for many years. Many studies have proven that dancing is beneficial to mind, body, and spirit at any age. It is never to late to learn. We teach kids from 5 to 100 years young.

    What do you mean by "private lesson" and how much does it cost?

    Most dancers are very passionate about the value of the private lesson. In a private lesson, you or you and your partner will get an instructor all to yourself. Although there may be other instructors teaching other students in the room, your instructor is focused on you and your goals alone. People report a faster, more pleasant learning experience. Some benefits include:

    • Ask all the questions you want and get immediate, relevant feedback. 
    • Focus on just the styles you are most interested in.
    • Learn at your own pace. Need to spend a little more time here and a little less time there? Private lessons are customized just for you.
    • Catch bad habits early while they are easy to change.
    • Develop great habits early 
    • No partner, no problem. Dance the entire time and focus only on you.
    • Learn multiple dances at once so you can go out dancing sooner.  Contrary to what you might think, it is easy to learn many dances simultaneously. Because dances are so inter-related, it is possible to get comfortable with many different styles. It is a lot like learning multiple languages when you are a child.
    The cost of a single, private lesson ranges from $65 to $85 per hour. Call to find out how you can get our special $50 tuition rate.
    *Lessons are scheduled in advance. They are 55 minute lessons. No partner is needed. The rate is for your instructor's time and expertise and is the same price for a single person or a couple. We kindly ask for 24 hours notice before a cancellation. Most students come at a regular scheduled time typically once or twice a week. One-time-only privates are sometimes done when the focus is very narrow...such as brushing up on group class material or a quick refresher before heading out to that Salsa club.
    If you are learning for a wedding, see our Wedding page.

    What can I expect in a Group Class?

    Group classes can be a great way to meet new people and get practice with other students. Typically the subject will be a particular dance and will run from 4 to 6 weeks. During that time, you will learn different techniques, characteristics, and figures for that particular dance. Regardless of the dance you are learning, we emphasize lead/follow and good movement so that dancing is smooth and effortless and fun.


    During a group class, you can expect to get clear explanations and demonstration followed by time to work through the material. The teacher will have students rotate so that everyone gets a chance to dance. Along the way, the teacher will give pointers and tips and give students a chance to fine-tune the material. Sometimes there is practice time at the end of class.


    Not all the classes at DDS are series classes that build upon the material from the week before. Some are "drop-in" classes. These classes are designed so that you can start at any time in the month without fear of having "missed too much material". If you are interested in a particular class and aren't sure which type it is or if you are ready for the particular level of class, please call us and we would be happy to answer questions and make recommendations for you.